Client Testimonials


Alicia Jean B.

"I've been an avid supporter of colon hydrotherapy, ion cleansing, and massage therapy for years. I stumbled upon these healing modalities years ago when my body was shutting down from multiple traumas, hospitalizations, car accidents, and a poisonous stingray accident while surfing. It wasn't until I found Peaceful Waters that I finally felt at home and could heal from all of this. Tammy, owner of Peaceful Waters, is an angel and a Godsend, she makes you feel right at home. My constant travel and busy lifestyle as an actress, model, dancer, and entertainment host takes a toll on my body. It can be very stressful; Peaceful Waters Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system has helped me de-stress, it's truly amazing! It helps to detox toxins and remove unneeded build up in my body. The ion cleanse footbaths remove all the heavy metals and acid build up in my joints and blood flow meridians; combined with her massage. Tammy’s customized massage is my favorite which entails soft and deep tissue, stretching, thai massage, hot stone therapy incorporated into the massage ending with cranial sacral. She uses therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils. My agility and performance have improved, my skin is glowing, and I feel like I'm reverse aging. I am finally back in the dance & yoga studio with less joint pain. I recommend everyone to at least try Peaceful Waters!! It will change your life!!! Thank you Tammy!!"

Tim S.

"Staying physically fit and healthy are high priorities for me. My energy levels and overall health has improved since I started coming to Peaceful Waters. I dropped 7 pounds in just a few weeks of detox therapies including vibration therapy, ion cleanse therapy and colon hydrotherapy. I recommend Peaceful Waters Wellness Spa for improving health and vitality."

Suzanne S.

"For the longest time I was intimidated by the idea of a colon cleanse and would not make an appointment. I assumed it would be embarrassing or uncomfortable. However, I was having trouble with constipation and decided it was time to give one a try. I was pleasantly surprised by this service at Peaceful Waters! The machine itself is comfortable, there's no odor and the whole process is very refreshing. It's also very discreet (you insert the nozzle yourself, and because it's very thin, you don't feel it once it's seated. In fact, I didn't really feel anything except relief – and if you suffer from constipation, you know that's not a feeling you enjoy often). If you have been considering a colon cleanse but have been holding off for the same reasons I originally did, rest assured, you're worrying about nothing. Book one and see for yourself! You'll be glad you did."

Kathy T.

"I have used and worked with open and closed colonic devices as both a client and as a therapist in training. I love the Angel of Water and would never go back to any other system on the market. It is easy to use, very comfortable and an attractive machine (not intimidating at all). Because of the upright position, my body can relax and let go. I get the best release of the contents of my colon compared to other systems with no discomfort in my abdomen. Tammy is incredibly supportive and makes me feel at ease. I highly recommend Peaceful Waters for the best colon hydrotherapy experience."

Craig T.

"As a man with the experience of having had many colonics on 'other' closed type systems, I can honestly say after finding the Angel of Water open system I could never return to the other closed systems again. Comfortable reclining position, being able to urinate as needed without embarrassingly stopping a session to get up or holding it in discomfort, being able to wear my own clothing tops vs. a hospital gown and the significant reduction in plastic disposable waste products. Tammy is both courteous and professional and the office is very clean and free from any odors. Peaceful Waters is the only colon hydrotherapy center I would recommend."

Gayle B.

"I slipped and fell. I then fell right into a miracle at Peaceful Waters, the Ion Cleanse. The fell left me with a severely sprained ankle. At the end of two weeks it was still swollen and I could not put any pressure on it. I was introduced to this treatment and with only two treatments I can now put my shoe on, swelling went down 90% and very little pain. I am going to continue with regular visits. Thank you Miracle Lady."

Michelle A.

"I have been getting the colon hydrotherapy, ion cleanse, and the vibration services now for about two months, I absolutely love them. I am so glad I found Peaceful Waters. I have never had these services done before until I started at Peaceful Waters doing massage. They are all great services, the colon hydrotherapy has made me feel really good and less bloated and helped me become a little more regular. The ion cleanse is wonderful, I currently have plantar fasclitis in my feet and it has helped my feet feel so good by getting those bad toxins out of me, I LOVE IT. The vibration machine feels so good to just have my body vibrate, I feel like it loosens things up for me, and I feel good after using the machine. I want to thank Tammy for showing me these wonderful services and to get me on a path to feeling healthier. I would recommend these services to anyone."

Bobbie B.

"I have looked for solutions to my severe constipation for years. I've tried everything: laxatives, teas, prescription meds, enemas, etc., nothing helped me. most often couldn't go to the bathroom for days, sometimes weeks. It got to the point where my gastroenterologist suggested and advised that I get my colon removed. Thank God I didn't. That is when my mom found Peaceful Waters on the internet. Once I started getting regular colonics, ion foot cleanses and raindrop therapy, I became regular!!! Now it's like I never had a problem. But I will never forget how bad it was, because the problem had been going on since I was 17 and I am now 43. I have been coming to Peaceful Waters for about six months now. I want to personally thank you again for basically saving my life! I say this because now I can enjoy life and not feel so miserable all the time. I wish you all the best success in your business."

Sheri D.

"I visited Peaceful Waters because my life was bringing on severe amounts of stress and affecting my health in a major way. I suffer from severe fibromialgia pain all over my body. I came to Peaceful Waters to get an ion cleanse. The FIRST night of the ion cleanse I could feel MUCH more energy than I normally had and even had a hard time falling asleep because I felt SO GOOD! The SECOND time I did the ion cleanse it was the SAME WAY....and I could hardly believe it! THANK YOU Tammy for your kindness and all that you do for helping others to achieve better health. You truly DO care and it shows! I will be doing the other treatments also. I liked the raindrop therapy very much, it is so good to 'sweat out' toxins by just laying there and relaxing. I am looking forward to learning more about the oils and how they are also healing for our bodies. You got me interested in taking better care of my body because I can actually feel the difference RIGHT AWAY. Amazing!!"

Esther R.

" AWESOME! Tammy is amazing and all of the therapy's are exceptional "